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Leica Angenieux

Angenieux for Bell & Howell 1 Inch f/0.95 ready for Leica Noctilux conversion.


Leica R Angenieux 70-210mm F/3.5 Macro Zoom Lens Package *EXC+*


angenieux 50 2.8 lens for Leica M


Angenieux 28mm 3.5 lens for Leica M


ANGENIEUX 35-70mm F2.5-3.3 2x35 Macro Lens in Leica R Mount


Angenieux 90mm f/2.5 lens for Exakta Mount. Film or Digital. Leica M10, Sony a7R


Angenieux 35-70mm f2.5-3.3 Leica R Mount Zoom Lens


Ex++ P.Angenieux Paris 80mm f/1.8 Type Y31 Modified Leica M Mount 80/1.8


P. Angenieux Paris 90 mm F/2.5 Type Y1 Leica Mount Vintage Lens # 203106


Angenieux DEM 180mm f/2.3 Apo lens Leica R mount EXC+


Angenieux 50mm f2.9 Leica M mount #109258


Angenieux 35mm f3.5 Type X1 for Leica LTM L39 #015838


Angenieux 70-210mm f3.5 Leica R mount #1495615


Ex Angenieux paris 75mm F/1.8 Type Y31 Black Lens Modified To Leica M Mount RF


Angenieux 50mm f2.9 Leica SM #73307


angenieux 75 3.5 lens for Leica M


Angenieux Zoom Leica R mounted 45-90mm/F2.8 45-90/2.8 France


Angenieux 65mm f1.8 Y31 Leica 6 bit M mount #475678


P.Angenieux Paris 50mm f/1.8 type S1 original Leica L39 M10 M240P M9 M-P


Angenieux 90mm f2.5 Original Leica SM #277280 .......... Very Rare !!


Angenieux 135mm f3.5 Original Leica SM #158543 ........... Very Rare !!


Angenieux Zoom Leica R Mount 45-90mm/F2.8 Lens France #590


Angenieux 35mm f2.5 Original Leica SM #325295 ....... Minty,Very Rare !!


Angenieux 50mm f2.9 Leica M 6 bit mount #100189


Leica Summilux-r R 80/1.4 80mm f1.4 Germany as Cine Angenieux Cooke Lens


Angenieux 90mm f1.8 Dual Leica M Helicoid & Nikon Helicoid ..... Superb Glass !!


Perfect Glass Mint- Angenieux S21 50mm f/1.5 Rectaflex to Leica M10 M240-P M9 M8


Angenieux 135mm f3.5 Original Leica SM #177913


Angenieux Paris Retrofocus Type R11 28/3.5 Lens Original Leica L39 Screw Mount


Angenieux 28mm f3.5 Original Leica SM #398199 ............ Very Rare !!


Angenieux 200mm F2.8 ED For Leica R Lens Very Clean


Angenieux Zoom 35-70mm F2.5-3.3 2x35 Lens For Leica R Mount


Kinoptik 210mm f/2.8 special cine lens as leica angenieux dallmeyer




Angenieux 35-70mm f/2.5-3.3 Zoom lens Leica R mounted France for M240 D4S D600


[EXCELLENT+++] ANGENIEUX ZOOM 45-90mm F/2.8 Leica R (3Cam) Lens from JP


Hugo Meyer Makro Plasmat 5cm f/2.7 50/2.7 leica mount rare angenieux dallmeyer


Angenu R1 35/2.5 Angenieux Exhaust


Angenieux f. Leica R 35-70mm 2,5-3,3 Zoom SHP 55307